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Daniel Rohr, born 1968 in Germany

Graduate degree in industrial/product design at the Istituto Europeo di Design IED - Milan - Italy. Furthermore graduated degree in shoe and bag design at the Istituto Ars Sutoria - Milan - Italy. Independent product designer since 1995. During his studies he won the competition of vasi di visi and his illustration went in production, with other names like Mendini... Another ground breaking project is his revolutionary drinking glass series designed in 1992 during a workshop hold by James Irvine at the IED. The glasses have a special visual effect, the liquid seems to float over the surface. Working over 10 years as independent product designer for the automotive industry, designing aluminium car rims for OEM, tuning companies and the main car production labels. Side projects like designing fashion for the Italian shoe industry where another challenge. From 2005 he is working on furniture projects, as his screw clamp furniture line. The idea centers around screw clamps being used as functional - and design objects. Due to its multifunctional attributes, the use of screw clamps, whose brackets are pressed onto a workpiece by a screw spindle, enables extended utilization e.g. design of a new furniture aesthetics. A milestone was his limited edition colander table with its visual effect, which makes objects float. With this project he entered in the international design and art gallery scene. The table was part of exhibitions like Superstudio Piu, Masterpiece London, Superdesign London, Lapada London....


His latest project is called brain and microchip produced in a limited edition, on which he is working more than 4 years and is still continuing.


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